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Hamster over clubbing

Hello lovelies, welcome to another Friday blog post.

It’s been a busy week and I’ve had a few unexpected commissions, so I’m aiming to get them done before we head off to Sweden next week!

Last weekend we spent time with friends.

I think because we’re moving in about a month I want to make the most of seeing everyone that lives here before we go, we also had a friend visiting from our university days.

Friday night, Yuuki and a few friends went clubbing to a place called Schism, it’s a rock/metal club (not my cup of tea), Saturday our friend from university arrived and we went up to Newlands corner that evening to watch the sunset and eat five guys,

Sunday we planned a hike to Devils punchbowl with a group of friends, which started out pretty drizzly, but weather picked up towards the end just in time for our picnic.

Moving back to Friday night.

As I said that nightclub isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I’ve been a few times before and enjoyed it when I was younger (man that makes me sound so old, I’m only 25) but what’s wrong with going to a bar or pub, having a few drinks with friends, where I can have a proper conversation and go to bed at a decent time!?

We live in a top floor flat, which gets super hot in summer.

So we decided to have pre-drinks on the fields nearby with a few blankets and a friendly game of ring of fire.

For some reason I was drinking wine and Sake.. not the best choice.

At this point it was about midnight, we’d had some fun, drank some drinks and everyone was off to the club.

I waved them goodbye and knew I wouldn’t see Yuuki for about three hours.

Don’t get me wrong I love my boyfriend, but I couldn’t wait to get home to give my little hamster, Pumpkin a cuddle.

I walk in the door turn round to her cage and there she is waiting for me to pick her up and give her kisses (at least that’s what I think in my drunken state)

She is honestly the sweetest little hamster and puts up with a lot of kisses from her hamster mummy.

Bit of a boring story but I went to bed very happy that night, no night club included.

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