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Hay Fever Strikes again

Hello lovelies,

I’ve decided to upload a new post every Friday, so here goes!

After a productive week, we visited Kew Gardens to celebrate Yuuki's (My Boyfriend) mum's early birthday.

I've only been once before, but I absolutely loved it.

The greenhouses, the Palace.. everything was gorgeous!

Last time we went it was about 9 °C in January, this time we went on the hottest day so far.. 34 °C hot.

We drove there in a car with broken AC, windows down the whole way, lots of water being guzzled greedily.

Got there and as always, parking was a challenge.

On the bright side, there was an Ice cream truck parked right by the entrance (The little 5 year old within me jumped for joy, yay!)

Something that confuses me as we gear up for summer and the icecream trucks start making their way out from winters slumber, is why soft ice cream is still called 99p flakes?

When they cost around £2.80.. super deceiving.

Anyway, We got inside and had our pre-packed picnic, as food prices in there aren’t great.

I always feel a sense of nostalgia packing a picnic, as that’s always what my parents and Swedish grandparents would do for outings.

After our picnic we ventured off to Kew palace and at that point the poor Boyfriend had started getting a stuffy nose and itchy eyes.

We continued.

The Palace was beautiful and this time the doors were open so we could explore inside.

About 15 mins later, we were walking to the hive and he got worse poor thing..

He’s not the type to give up easily, especially for health issues.

But I could see from his swollen face, runny nose, itchy eyes and inability to speak well,

we had to go.

1hr 30 mins in Kew and we were off home.

“Hay fever sucks” - Yuuki 

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