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Hello, i'm new to this..

Hello lovelies,

I'm new to this..

I've pretty my done everything on social media apart from blogging.

The reason I wanted to start was because I feel like my illustrations are getting lost in short 100 max word posts or 24hr stories on the internet, and I know i have my portfolio to add my work. But i can't unleash my thoughts as much there as I can here? (hope that makes sense)

Anyways, i'm not going to ramble on forever in these posts as I don't think anyone will enjoy that.

This was just a short and sweet hello!

My names Amanda, known as 'Mandaloouise' online.

I'm an Illustrator, Artist etc.

Not really sure how to explain myself other than I take commissions, I love to create and I will forever be learning how to run this business I've created for myself.

I hope might come to enjoy reading these? haha

I look forward to writing more..

#blogging #freelance #illustrator #illustration #business #selfemployed #mandaloouise

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